Saturday, September 29, 2007

It's weird. I don't live there anymore.

Kevin posted this on Facebook earlier.

This is really weird. I recently moved out of Michigan and am now living in Maine, but I still feel very much a Michigan resident. I'm really having a hard time believing this. It seems unprecedented. How did they let the budget go unbalanced for so long that this is actually an option.

Impact of Michigan Government Shutdown
55. Can I buy alcohol?

Liquor sales are regulated by the state and therefore will stop during a government shutdown. Stores will be able to sell the inventory they have on hand, but will be unable to purchase additional inventory.

61. Will the state-owned lift bridges be open?

Six of the state's 12 lift bridges, in compliance with U.S. Coast Guard regulations, will be locked in the up position, allowing only water traffic to pass. Those bridges that are closed to traffic are located in Manistee (US-31), two in Bay City (M-25 and M-13/M-84), St Joseph (M-63), Port Huron (I-94Bl/Military Street), and Detroit (M-85/Fort Street).

66. Will the state welcome centers and highway rest areas be open?

State welcome centers and highway rest areas, including the bathroom facilities and parking lots, will be closed.

At least the Portage Lift Bridge is remaining open.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Good luck in the bumper pool tournament

Last week Anna and I went to the yarn store near campus, Fiberfillia. It was one of the most fantastic experiences ever. I haven't really been knitting for too long. I've made two scarves and two hats, but I wanted to get started on socks. So I did! :-) The owner of the store fixed me up with yarn choices and a beginning pattern and told me to come back as soon as I was ready to turn the heel. We got Anna set for her first scarf, and her stitch count has gone up and down several times. Maybe I wasn't the best person to teach her. ;-)

Yarn yarn yarn

This weekend I made sloppy joes. Well, I tried to make sloppy joes. I went to the grocery store and tried to buy things that I thought were in sloppy joes. Only I was wrong. I made sure to look up a recipe on Sunday, and fixed it. I'm awesome. Tonight I paired it with mac and cheese, the blue box variety. I'd like to give a shout-out to John Roderick of The Long Winters for his tip to make it with heavy cream instead of milk. It makes an unhealthy side dish that much worse for me, but it tastes so much better!

I got a postcard from Emily today too. That was really unexpected, but awesome.

Anyway, I'll post pictures of my socks as soon as they're finished.