Friday, October 5, 2007

I try to explain it to you

I headed back to the yarn store today to pick up another skein so I could finish up my socks (I'm almost done :-)). I ended up also getting some size 2 double points, and stayed to knit for awhile. One of the ladies had brought in a dessert called a Nanaimo bar. It was basically the best thing I've ever had. It had a bit of a chocolate cookie crumb base with a layer of custard and topped with a layer of soft chocolate. Yum!

I requested some Jens Lekman on the familiar 91.9 WMTU FM Houghton this afternoon, completely forgetting that "Night Falls Over Kortedala" hasn't been released state-side yet. Oops. Anyway, it's really nice to hear some voices from the recent past, especially when they play some awesome music. I even caught part of the sports talk show with Eric and Russ beforehand. Definitely brightened my day a bit.

Plus Pitchfork's poor review of "Last Light" by Matt Pond PA made me relisten to it today. Whatever, I still like it.