Thursday, August 14, 2008

I will remember your name and face

I had a nice talk with my mother earlier this week. I found out the things that make life fantastic, the stuff you always want to know but don't necessarily ever find out. Like how my parents didn't use the upstairs of their house when they first got it. How my crib was in what is now the dining room. How their furniture consisted of lawn chairs until my dad's birthday when my mom got him a recliner as a present. That their kitchen table was a wooden plank picnic table. This is the stuff that makes me smile, the history that I care about.

I bet going home next week will feel a little bit different now.

But before that happens, I will be attending my first ever knitting class this Saturday at Fiberphilia! We'll be spending the day knitting and felting to create Lovikka mittens. I'm really hoping that we make it all the way through to the embroidered cuff. At any rate I'll end the day with some wonderfully warm mittens for this upcoming winter for either myself or someone with similarly sized hands.

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