Friday, December 14, 2007

Soon as I see you walk up in the club

I'm rocking the mash-ups from right now. And still avoiding work.

On the highway here they have signs that flash new speed limits during "inclement" weather. This morning they were flashing 45mph. I'm beginning to take these as more of a challenge than a guideline. If these signs weren't there, I probably would actually go slower than the speed limit. Instead, I go the regular posted limit, because I've driven through worse. Also, I think watching Top Gear is changing the way I drive. I definitely push my car a little bit harder while accelerating lately. Maybe this happens when The Stig is your hero.

Last week was an eMusic week. I was going to do a whole big post just about that, but I guess I put it off. The big winner from the collection was "Parades" by Efterklang though. And I picked up "Sologne" by Loney, Dear at the record store. And yesterday I allowed myself to get "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" because I could use my Bull Moose points and get it for half-price.

I bought Noro sock yarn this week. I don't know when I'll get to it. Michelle, the owner of the LYS, assured me that this colorway looked fantastic when knitted into a sweater, so I have high hopes for it in a pair of socks. I also finished my first pair of gift socks. The socks are, unfortunately, different a bit, because I used a different heel on the second one. Oh, and by finished, I mean they are knit, but I have to sew in the ends.

School is almost done. I have a crazy next five days. Then I want to party and knit. In that order.

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Mel said...

They drop the speed limit to 45 pretty much statewide when storms blow through, but I believe it was much, much milder up your way. Between Kittery and Portland it was quite nasty driving, though more for the amount of traffic than the actual state of the roads.

Hope the next five days are smooth sailing, and that you have a great holiday.