Sunday, December 16, 2007

Think of all the ways molecules move

It's snowing like mad out there. I was supposed to head to campus today, but I've decided that I'm snowed in. So I've been knitting and decided to upload the number one winter song that you've never heard.

"Blood On The Snowplow" by Algoma

I started my Noro socks to prove that they won't be ugly. I'm keeping it relatively simple and using the Madder Ribbed Sock pattern in "Knitting Vintage Socks". This means I now have 3 pairs of socks in progress for myself. I did turn the second heel in the very first pair of socks I ever started though. I'm hoping that at least two of these pairs will get finished before school starts up again in January. The LYS is planning a potluck where everyone is expected to bring in all their current works in progress, and I don't want to embarrass myself with so much stuff.

Noro Kureyon sock yarn

Hiking boot socks, nearly finished

And now to write some papers!

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