Friday, March 21, 2008

Billy The Kid did what he did and he died

I woke up only to find myself pretty excited after I checked my blog reader to find out that Michigan-based band Mason Proper were the stars of today's Daytrotter session. Three of the songs are unreleased and one is coming out on their upcoming video EP due out next Tuesday. - Mason Proper

And yesterday, I found out that the Centro-matic / South San Gabriel double album "Dual Hawks" is out on April 8. The two bands each supply a disc of material, South San Gabriel should be providing the softer side, while Centro-matic brings the hard-rocking Americana. Be aware that this is the only distinction between the two bands, as they both share generally the same cast and are both led by Will Johnson. I have said at times that South San Gabriel/Will Johnson/Centro-matic are my new Songs: Ohia/Jason Molina/Magnolia Electric Co., and after this is released I'm sure they will be again for a few months.
Centro-matic - I, The Kite

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